Contemplating a starry sky while taking a boat ride on the Douro River, preparing and tasting signature dishes that celebrate traditional Portuguese cuisine, or diving into a multi-sensory relaxation experience, these are some of the proposals we have for you.

We invite you to refine your senses and travel with us through five of Portugal's best wine regions. Each region brings us a unique sensory experience and a story that deserves to be lived in the right company. Starting point: our Douro!

Vision: to contemplate a starry sky in the Douro River

To contemplate a violet sky covered with stars is, in itself, an inspiring experience. But when you add to that starry sky the lights of the Douro farms and the houses on the banks of the Douro, you are mesmerized by the landscape. It is aboard the emblematic Friendship I, between Pinhão and Quinta da Romaneira, that we allow ourselves to enjoy this experience. After boarding, the welcome drink arrives at our hands, which will dictate the toast at dusk. With the possibility of enjoying a romantic dinner in the Douro Valley, we are lulled into an idyllic setting, with the imposing hillsides as a backdrop. A spacious and charismatic vintage cabin promises to give us an invigorating sleep, but not before we contemplate a sky painted with the lights of the stars and a river that reflects the lights of the city. Let yourself be inspired, here

Listening: listening to nature in the Alentejo plains

We have arrived at a place where tranquility and nature live in perfect harmony. Here, at Herdade do Sobroso, on the banks of the Guadiana River, we are invited to pause for a while in the middle of 1600 hectares, accompanied by the singing of birds such as the little bustard or the bee-eater. Surrounded by cork oaks, here we are inspired by the warm scents of the region and the exotic aromas from Africa. We sit at sunset listening to the calmness that embraces the estate, adorned by the vineyards of the Alentejo, and, immediately, we feel our body and mind relaxing. A memorable experience of tranquility and well-being to enjoy here.

Palate: Tasting traditional Portuguese cuisine in the North of Portugal

We are in Távora-Varosa, on the border with Douro and Dão, visiting the charming Casa dos Viscondes da Várzea. Here, we have an appointment with the Viscountess Maria Manuel Cyrne, who teaches us how to make dishes with seasonal products and with origins in the ancestors. Among the exquisite and tasty specialties, there is one delicacy that takes pride in place: codfish! But besides the "Viscondessa" style codfish or the "Açorda de Bacalhau com Couve Troncha" (codfish and cabbage stew), there is also room for the "Perdiz estufada à Moda Antiga" (stewed partridge) and the "Tornedó de Porco Preto" (black pork tournedos) rolled with Bacon. Not forgetting, of course, the famous Cabritinho Serrano with Oven Rice and Roasted Potatoes. To go along with it, we have the incomparable white and red DOC "Casa dos Viscondes da Várzea" wine. Enjoy an unforgettable experience for the palate, here

Touch: relax with the power of a secular thermal water, Trás-os-Montes

We have arrived at the palace hidden in the forest! In the North of Portugal, where complex wines are discovered, a relaxing experience awaits us starring one of the richest alkaline waters in the world, the Vidago water. In the Thermal SPA of Vidago Palace Hotel, we are invited to plunge into a shower of mineral water and enjoy two unique massages, one for relaxation and the other combined with hot stones. This minimalist space, with direct lines and white marble, designed by the famous international architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, breathes tranquility and well-being into every corner. And because wine and SPA go perfectly together, Quinta do Arcossó welcomes us with a wine tasting where intense aromas linger. Let yourself be surprised by this experience

Olfaction: Celebrate the aromas of the Dão wines

Elegance and complexity, are two words that define the wines of the Dão. At Caminhos Cruzados Winery each bottle has a story to tell. The Dão reinvents itself in wines made from grapes of its production and selected producers, recognized for their quality and excellence of grape varieties. Here, where tradition meets modernity, new paths are traced that lead to incredible places. Between fresh and fruity aromas, passing through floral and discreet ones, also in these wines the aromas that only the passage of time can offer stand out. An ode to the sense of smell to enjoy.

Now that we have traveled through 5 unmissable experiences from North to South of Portugal, we invite you to get to know programs where a good glass of wine is always well accompanied, be it a round of golf, a moment in nature, or a city break. Discover all the WINEnROUTE wine tourism programs, and choose your favorite. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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