From the treading of the grapes to the communal harvest, we explore what makes this region so unique in a stay that promises to be memorable. Protected by the Serra de Montejunto, among green hills and purplish vines, Quinta da Lapa Wine Hotel is where we get to know 300 years of Ribatejo tradition. 

Also known as Quinta N. Sra. da Conceição da Lapa, here we find 100 hectares of history dating back to the time of D. Lourenço de Almeida, son of the Count of Avintes. Today, we are welcomed by the team of José Guilherme da Costa, where the architectural wisdom of Sílvia Canas da Costa and the oenological expertise of Jaime Quendera come together in an encyclopedic pairing. 

In a program that lets us "live according to the seasons" (as the Wine Hotel used to say), we choose one of its 11 suites to rest, before setting off to discover the region at the trot of the Lusitano thoroughbred. 

During the day, we have dozens of activities to choose from. To the tourist routes to explore the Ribatejo region, from Óbidos to Rio Maior, we can add a picnic in the vineyard, followed by a visit to the winery that produces the Quinta da Lapa wines. For those who prefer contact with nature, we recommend walks and bike rides, fishing sessions, and even refreshing spring water baths in the vineyard. 

In a quiet region where tradition is joined by a touch of modernity, we have prepared an itinerary for you to enjoy refined moments by Tejo. In the cradle of fruity whites and young reds, we enjoy unforgettable walks that will last in memory. Welcome to the Portuguese Ribatejo!

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