Alentejo, a place of traditional gastronomy and carved wines. The balloon tours, the picturesque villages, the striking landscapes. Here, each experience elevates the senses to a new level and every moment is born from an endless tranquillity. Are you ready to start a sensory journey in a wild and untouched place? Let yourself be surprised by comfort's natural habitat.

1. Hot air balloon tours

Flying over the plains, with the sun dipping into the horizon as a backdrop. This poetic scenery comes to life in a moment of luxury, where the hot air balloon is the protagonist and where the action unfolds to the taste of the Alentejo breeze. Let yourself be enveloped by the immensity of the landscape and feel the lightness of flying over golden fields in an unforgettable experience for sight and touch.

Photo: Herdade do Sobroso


2. "Cante alentejano"

Among voices that sing and enchant, UNESCO has named the "cante alentejano" as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Expression of traditional music in the Alentejo, the chorus that echoes through the fields, coming from a group of people who use their voice to sing of longing, leaves no one indifferent. Listening to it, more than cultivating hearing is feeling the essence of the land and the people. 

3. Traditional gastronomy and carved wines 

The word Alentejo refers to local producers with great passion, be it around homemade sausages, traditional cheeses, or carefully selected grazing animals. In this region, every dish is a story to tell, and every spice is a delight to the palate. Coriander, mint, pennyroyal, and oregano give life to signature dishes, where olive oil is king. To accompany, the carved wines join us at the table as a unique product, a sublime representative of the millenary culture of Alentejo wines.

Photo: Torre de Palma Wine Hotel


4. Boat trip on the Alqueva

The Alqueva Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe built on the Guadiana River. Besides boat, canoe, and kayak trips, this mirror of water invites water sports lovers to practice sailing, water skiing, or wakeboarding. Whether you want to relax with family or friends, this place promises invigorating walks and bike rides through panoramic views. Sleeping under the stars of the Alqueva on a houseboat is still an experience not to be missed.

5. Winery visits and wine tasting

Have you ever imagined yourself plunging your feet into marble mills and making a signature wine? In Alentejo, there is a sustainable production of Portuguese grape varieties that gives rise to blended wines. The region invites you to taste typical products, visit the vineyards and wineries, as well as wine tasting. An immersive experience for the sense of smell and taste through new aromas and flavours. 

Photo: Herdade da Malhadinha Nova 


6. Horse riding

Let yourself be involved in the wilderness and discover strong emotions in the company of docile Lusitanian horses. Explore new trails and relax on a ride where the sound of birds emerges from the calmness of the plains.

Photo: Torre de Palma Wine Hotel


Agriculture workshops, off-road tours or SPA and vinotherapy moments are also exclusive experiences that deserve your time and attention. We invite you to enjoy the best enotourism in Portugal at:

- Torre de Palma Wine Hotel
- Herdade da Malhadinha Nova
- Herdade do Sobroso
- L’AND Vineyards
- Destilaria Sharish Gin

Relax and venture out on a unique sensory journey through Alentejo with WINEnROUTE.

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