Alentejo is a Portuguese region where wine production dates to immemorial times. Local gastronomy is one of its greatest flagships and its touristic appeal has grown immensely in recent decades. 

It was recently elected, by the American newspaper USA TODAY, as one of the best wine regions to visit. 

In fact, its wine tourism offer is currently quite diversified and highly professional. 

There are numerous wineries located in different areas of the region; some offer visits and tastings, others add restaurants to their services, and others also include accommodation and other complementary tourist activities.

It is precisely the latter that we will talk about in this article, namely Torre de Palma, L'And Vineyards, Herdade do Sobroso and Herdade da Malhadinha Nova.

The TORRE DE PALMA WINE HOTEL is located at Upper Alentejo, specifically in Monforte.

A family project, carefully conceived and restored by the Rebelo family over the course of a decade - Torre de Palma is today a reference in wine tourism in Alentejo and in Portugal.

Good taste, combined with a simplistic sophistication, are the ingredients that make Torre de Palma a truly welcoming and appealing hotel.  

Its origins date back to 1338, and the hotel was inspired by Alentejo traditions and the way of life of the distinguished Basilii family, former inhabitants of the nearby Roman ruins. 

At the Palma restaurant, you can uncover the essence of Alentejo cuisine raised to a new level by Chef Miguel Laffan. The authenticity of the Alentejo countryside, surrounded by historical remains and unique natural beauty, and the generosity of the people who live there, inspired the new chef to create a concept of modern Alentejo cuisine.

With a Michelin star on his curriculum, Miguel Laffan offers a family experience, sharing and well-being, using the best the land has to offer and combining it with the distinctive wines of Herdade de Torre de Palma.

But Torre de Palma is much more than a hotel and a restaurant. Torre de Palma is a world of authentic experiences yet to be discovered. 

Horse riding programmes, hot air balloon rides, relaxing moments in a pleasant Spa, carriage rides, visits to Roman ruins and a whole range of vineyard and winery programmes can be enjoyed in this Alentejo Wine Hotel

A programme for two, with family or with friends - it will certainly be engraved in the memory of all those who allow themselves to experience such pleasurable moments!
Still in Upper Alentejo, more precisely in Montemor-o-Novo, you will find L'AND VINEYARDS, a hotel that currently has 30 Suites and Villas designed to provide the perfect retreat.

This wine hotel is a blend of modern architecture in a sober luxury environment, offering an immersion in nature and tranquillity.

In the L'And Vineyards resort you can take a gastronomic tour in the L'And restaurant, treat yourself in the Vinotherapy Spa, stroll through the vineyards that wind their way through the hotel facilities or sleep under the stars in one of the Sky Suites.

More than a hotel, L'And Vineyards is an exclusive retreat, located in the heart of the Alentejo, set in a unique landscape with interiors by Márcio Kogan and works of art by Michael Biberstein. 

Your Vinotherapy Spa is a unique experience of serenity and satisfaction - with exclusive rituals, massages and beauty treatments based on ingredients extracted from grapes and other natural products. 

L'And Vineyards also offers a range of customised experiences and activities. If you enjoy wine, you may visit local vineyards, participate in courses held at the resort's winery, attend regional and local wine tasting sessions or learn the basics of biodynamic wine production. 

If you prefer to experience the plains and sky of Alentejo, you can try a trip in a hot air balloon. Alternatively, you can choose a visit to the most interesting cultural sites in Évora or other cities in the Alentejo, under the guidance of a historian.

On the other hand, if you prefer horse riding, hiking on an eco-trail, a yoga experience, or a Pilates class, you should know that it is all possible at L'And Vineyards.
In Baixo Alentejo, near Vidigueira, stands the HERDADE DO SOBROSO WINE & COUNTRY HOUSE.

On the banks of the Guadiana River and next to the largest artificial lake in Europe, the Alqueva, there are 1600 hectares of land, divided into vineyards, cork oaks and woods where different animal species live, such as the wild boar, moufflon, fallow deer and deer. 

Herdade do Sobroso is also widely known for its restaurant. The menu is diverse and rich in local products. It will be difficult to choose between the many dishes that have been winning awards in prestigious gastronomic competitions for several years.

The kitchen is still run by Mrs. Josefa, who leads a team of experts in the preparation of the famous lamb stews, purslane soup, shark açorda with poached egg, black pork neck in red wine and honey, and many other delicacies.

But Herdade do Sobroso is more than just cuisine. A haven where peace and well-being are guaranteed, and where the proximity to the great Alqueva always invites you to enjoy a pleasant boat trip. 

Another experience not to be missed at Herdade do Sobroso is the photographic safari in the Serra do Mendro, which occupies part of the estate. The Safari can take place at different times of the day, but we recommend doing it at dawn or dusk. 

In the evening you will always benefit from the sunset, but it is in the early morning that the animals are easiest to spot. They are tired, having spent the night chasing their prey, and are not so quick to hide.

Wine tasting in the renovated winery is always a must at Sobroso. Not to mention the kayak rides on the estate's river beach or simply a dolce far niente in its swimming pool overlooking the vineyards. 
Also, in Baixo Alentejo, but in the Beja area, is the HERDADE DA MALHADINHA NOVA.

Pioneers in top-class wine tourism, the Soares family do justice to the art of hospitality, providing Malhadinha's guests with an unforgettable experience.


Framed in a breathtaking landscape, Herdade da Malhadinha allows you to live in privacy, harmony, and security. With different types of accommodation, all with a strong personality, exclusivity and luxury are the main pillars that connect the different spaces.

The estate's restaurant is the result of the consultancy provided by the renowned Michelin-starred chef Joachim Koerper, owner of Lisbon's Eleven restaurant, to which can be added the versatile hand of the resident chefs, who bring together traditional Alentejo recipes.

The breeding of Pure Blood Lusitano Horses began in 2008. Along with wine and agricultural production, this activity also embodies the dream of the Soares family.

Malhadinha Nova is, without a doubt, a synonym for high quality wines. The image was recently renewed, respecting the cool register that has long been part of the brand and that makes all the difference in a market saturated with toujours la même chose!

To end, if there is indeed an end when we refer to Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, to speak of this estate is to speak of a countless number of possible experiences.

Activities in the vineyard and the winery, cooking workshops, equestrian programmes, wellness programmes, nature, culture, and everything else you can imagine is available to guests of the estate. There are plenty of rides in jeeps, ATV, balloon rides, BTT rides, UTV cars and, of course, walks. The walks through the estate are unmissable. 

In fact, at Malhadinha it is almost impossible not to have an experience that will blow you away, because there, life and pleasure go hand-in-hand!

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